Rules and regulations

of the International Dance Festival
“2019 Karlovy Vary Golden Cup” 

Name of event Karlovy Vary Golden Cup
Organizers ESM Event Management GmbH
Date 16 March 2019
Venue Grandhotel Pupp
Mírové náměstí 2, 360 01
Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic

The festival is held in strict accordance with the present RULES & REGULATIONS.

The organizers and all the festival participants undertake the responsibility to act in accordance with the present RULES & REGULATIONS.

The Pro-Am festival is open for any dancing couples that consist of a Teacher (Pro) and a Student (Am) and are a members of any officially registered dancing organizations.



The preliminary information covering the competition program is published on the official website of the festival

The Organizer has a right to introduce changes to the program. The competition participants follow the news and possible program changes by themselves.

On the day of the competition, the Organizer provides participants with Hit Lists for free.

Depending on the number of received applications, there will be several competition rounds in each group. The judges will select not less that the half of each round participants to the next stage. The judges will select 6 couples to the final within each group.




Competitions will be run in following dance styles and dances:

  • International Standard
(Slow Waltz, Tango, Viennese Waltz, Slow Foxtrot, Quickstep)
  • International Latin
(Cha-Cha, Samba, Rumba, Passodoble. Jive)
  • American Smooth
(Waltz, Tango, Foxtrot, Viennese Waltz)
  • American Rhythm
(Cha-Cha, Rumba, Swing, Bolero, Mambo)
  • Argentine Tango Salon
(Tango, Vals, Milonga)
  • Argentine Tango Free Style
(Tango, Vals, Milonga)
  • Caribbean mix Cuban Style
(Merengue, Bachata, Salsa)
  • Caribbean mix Line Style
(Merengue, Bachata, Salsa)
  • Showcase (PRO-AM couples and AM Solo)
  • VIP Showcase (no contest)



The length of music at the competition is to meet the following standards:

  • For International Latin and International Standard as well as for American Smooth and American Rhythm music should play from 1:10 up to 1:30  minutes long with exception for:
    • International Style Viennese Waltz, Quickstep and Jive competitions  – from 1:00 up to 1:30 minutes long.
    • Passodoble competition – up to second highlight.
  • For Argentine Tango competitions – from 1:20 up to 2:00 minutes long.
  • For Caribbean Mix competitions – from 1:20 up to 2:00 minutes long.
  • Depending on the number of couples on the dance floor, the chief judge may reduce or prolong the music. The music can be reduced up to 1 minute in case there is just one couple on the dance floor or all the couples take part in different categories and stages.
  • Showcase should not be longer than 3 minutes in total from entering the dance floor up to exiting it by dancers (including «falsch ending»). After 3 minutes of time music will be faded.



The age is defined by the age of a Student (Am).

Single Dance and Multi Dances competitions will be held in following age groups:

  • J  (under 16 years)
  • А  (16 – 35 years)                                
  • B  (36 – 50 years)
  • С  (51 – 60 years) 
  • C1  (over 61 years)

Scholarship International Standard and International Latin competitions will be held in following age groups:

  • J  (under 16 years)
  • А  (16 – 35 years)                                
  • B  (36 – 50 years)
  • С  (51 – 60 years) 
  • C1  (over 61 years)  

Argentine Tango Scholarship will be held in following age groups:

  • J  (under 16 years)                           
  • A + B + C + C1 (over 16 years)

In American Smooth, American Rhythm, Caribbean Mix Scholarships will be held in following age groups:

  • J  (under 16 years)                        
  • A + B + C + C1 (over 16 years)

In 9 dances and 10 dances Championships will be held in following age groups:

  • J  (under 16 years)                        
  • A + B + C + C1 (over 16 years)

Participants at Single Dance in age groups В and С (and also B+C), could also additionally dance in Single Dance at one younger age group.

Participants at Scholarship in age groups В and С (and also B+C) could also additionally dance in Scholarship at one younger age group.



Competitions will be held in following categories and levels:

  Category: Level
  Bronze Beginner*
  Bronze Intermediate* (in some styles only)
  Bronze Full*
  Bronze Open**
  Silver Full*
  Silver Open**
  Gold Full*
  Gold Open**
  Gold Star Open**

* – «Closed» level.  Dancing figures are used in strict accordance with the Restricted Syllabus list.
** – «Open» level. No restrictions on use of dancing figures.

Participants can be registered only in 2 adjacent dance levels.

Any participant can take part in the “Closed” (Beginner, Full) level, where dancing figures are to be used in strict accordance with the Restricted Syllabus list, as well as in the “Open” level with no restrictions as regards the use of the dancing figures.

If any of the dancing styles lack the list of dancing figures, the registration in categories is recommended by the Teacher.

Argentine Tango competitions will be run in two sub styles: Salon и Free Style.

Caribbean Mix competitions will be run in two sub styles: Cuban Style and Line Style.

Showcase competitions will be run in following styles:

  • International Standard
  • International Latin
  • American Smooth
  • American Rhythm
  • Argentine Tango
  • Caribbean mix
  • Contemporary

In Showcase competitions all age groups will compete together, separately for PRO-AM couples and AM Solo competitors.

VIP Showcases will be presented in «no contest» system in the evening session.

A VIP Showcase photo of participants will be printed in a festival booklet as bonus, when provided.

Any student can perform in not more than 2 Showcases with the same Teacher in one session.



The results of competitions in separate dances (Single Dance) will be summed separately among Gentlemen и Ladies.

Only the Chairman, Scrutineer and Organizer have access to the participants’ marks before the end of the competition.

Every participant can get the printed version of the results at the registration desk following their announcement.

Scholarship participants as well as 9 dances and 10 dances Championships participants must perform with the same Teacher in all the programmes.

The participants have to fill in the Entry Form and pay the Entry Fee within the time frames set by the Organizer:

Deadline for Entries’ registration is 4 March 2019.

Entries starting 11 February 2019 will be a subject for additional Entry Fee (see table below).

Online registration is available at

Participant’s registration is regarded as complete only after the payment of the Entry Fee. In order to take part in the competition, participants need to pay the Entry Fee, which are published on the official website of the festival.

In order to enter for Scholarship, participants need to enter minimum in same amount of Single dances competitions in the same style and level as a Scholarship they wish to participate.

The organizer holds it for possible to deny the late registration in case many applications have already been received.

All the participants (Teachers and Students) have to purchase the Entry Tickets in order to enter the ballroom for the Day session and Evening session of the festival.

The Entry Ticket costs per person are listed on the festival’s website.


Information regarding additional services provided by the Organizer is available at the official website of the festival



Being present on the location of the festival, the participants shall behave with regard to generally accepted norms of behavior, respecting other contestants, spectators and organizers of the festival.

Organizers shall not be liable for belongings, lost or left in the dressing rooms, in the hall, in hotel rooms as well as for any possible injuries suffered by contestants. We strongly advice the participants to arrange insurance cover; otherwise they will have to cover all possible medical expenses by themselves.

Participants are to be present in the event hall and prepared to appear 30 minutes before the scheduled beginning time of their heat. The beginning of the heat is specified in the program and its “Heat List”. Organizer reserves the right not to postpone the program in order to wait for the belated participants. In case of the missed heat, money for it shall not be refunded to the participants.

In Multiple dance competitions (Multi dance and Scholarship), Student (AM) is to appear with one Teacher (PRO) in all dances, including this contest.

In Showcase category no more than three lifts are allowed per composition. The duration of Showcase is not to exceed the established limit of 03:00 minutes.

The participants are to remain on the floor until the music ends or otherwise may be disqualified.

Penalties for violations (program violations, lifts etc.):

  • violation in first rounds: Warning from the Chairman
  • violation in following rounds: Annulment of all received points
  • violation in the final: Last place for the dance that contained the violation.

If after the beginning of the final event the participants have to pull out from the competition due to an illness or injury, they are automatically placed last in those dances they haven’t performed.

The refusal of participants to participate in the festival doesn’t oblige the organizer to transfer this participant’s Entry Fee as a payment for the next festival.

Judges’ marks and final results are accepted by participants as final and cannot be challenged except for the cases when the fault in these marks can be proven.

The contestants aren’t allowed to give interview to mass media during their performance on the floor. Any such interviews can be made between rounds and sessions as well as before the beginning and after the ending of the festival.



The winner is defined separately in each group.

The counting of the results is conducted using the Skating system. The judging is closed.

Judges can give from 1 to 100 points when assessing the participants’ Showcases.

Those participants who get:

from 90 to 100  points – get the 1st place,

from 80 to 89,9 points – get the 2nd place,

from 60 to 79,9 points – get the 3rd place.

Following the end of the competition, the judges’ lists with points and comments will be given to the participants or the representatives of the club / school / dance studio.



The prize winners of the Scholarship competitions who took 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in one of the programmes (excluding the programme total) will receive the following certificates:

1st place: 200.- euro
2nd place: 100.- euro
3rd place: 50.- euro

Money certificates are given in case more than 4 couples took part in the Scholarship competition.
The total amount of money certificates at the festival is defined by the organizer.
The Organizer undertakes responsibility to hand in the certificates on the day of the competition.



In Single Dance and Multi Dances competitions, the winners are awarded with memorable tokens. The results of every participant are printed on a diploma, which can be collected at the Registration Desk of the festival.

In Scholarship competitions, the 1-3 places winners are awarded with medals and diplomas as well as with money certificates from the Organizer (see the PRIZE FUND section above).

Based on the results of the competition, the organizers hand in special diplomas and awards

Top Student Awards: Top Of Аll (Lady & Gentleman)
Top Teacher Awards: Top Of All (Lady & Gentleman).

The points count and final results that will define the Prize Holders are to be calculated by the following scheme:

Points are given Number of points
for every appearance on the dancefloor 1 point
Additional points are given for:
every 1st place in Single Dance 3 points
every 2nd place in Single Dance 2 points
every 3rd place in Single Dance 1 point
every  1st place in Multi Dance (except Scholarship) 5 points
every 2nd place in Multi Dance (except Scholarship) 3 points
every 3rd place in Multi Dance (except Scholarship) 1 point
every 1st place in Scholarship 7 points
every 2nd place in Scholarship 6 points
every 3rd place in Scholarship 5 points
every 4th place in Scholarship 4 points
every 5th place in Scholarship 3 points
every 6th place in Scholarship 2 points
every 7th place in Scholarship 1 point
Note: Additional points are not given (Single, Multi Dance) in case less than 2 (Two) couples took place in the competition,Additional points are not given (Scholarship) in case less than 3 (Three) couples took places in the competition.

The best Teachers are chosen by the number of their appearances of the dance floor and the number of prize points they earned.

The use of the present Rules & Regulations without Organizer’s consent is illegal and is to be punished according to the acting law of Austria.

The cash prize money is given in case not less than 80 Entries are registered.



The panel of judges assesses the participants’ performances.

Judges in categories International Standard, International Latin, American Smooth and American Rhythm, as well as the festivals’ Chairman are chosen out of judges who have a license of any official dancing organization. Judges in other categories are invited by the Organizer from a number of heavyweight specialists in those categories.

Festival’s Chairman defines the number of couples proceeding to the next rounds, gives preliminary warnings and disqualifies the participants, takes care of the competition schedule and introduces changes aimed at following the established schedule together with the Organizer.

The decisions of the Chairman concerning the questions of judging, holding of the competition and its schedule are final and not subjected to any further discussion.



Any participant of the festival can send a letter to the Organizer with detailed explanation of claims and complaints not later than 14 days following the festival’s end. Those claims and complaints will be regarded in accordance with those Rules and Regulations and the Austrian law, and corresponding conclusions will be made.